The Plumber Analogy


So … confession time. I am the Designer equivalent of the Plumber with a leaky faucet.

It’s true! I love decorating for the holidays - albeit on the minimalist side - but my husband and I didn’t get our Christmas tree up and decorated until late last week. It’s not that it was a real tree (I wish!), it’s that it was a broken artificial model and I was ever so slow at getting it fixed.

My sister fully-disclosed the broken base back in the Fall when passing it down to us, but I had convinced myself “it would work just fine.” See, I am kind of like that when it comes to decorating for myself. I’m all about the details for my clients, and want things to be JUST SO. But then I chill out (a little too much) for myself and my own place. I’m like that with emails too. I’m fully on top of my work email, but send me an email to my personal account and it could take weeks before you hear back (Gabby, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry :S).

But back to the broken tree. I wish I’d taken a picture of it during the first attempt to set it up. The tree stood at about a 30 degree angle /// LOL. Had we put any decorations on it, I’m pretty sure it would have toppled over. Thanks to my husband, though, we didn’t have to find out for ourselves. He fixed the base, we put up the tree, and then we adorned it with a few of the vintage ornaments my Oma used to hang on her Christmas tree. We skipped the popcorn garland I had planned, in favour of keeping it simple… keeping it real. Because reality was that it was a busy month and I needed EASY. No skirt below. No star on top. Just a few precious ornaments that I try to treat as though they aren’t precious at all.

And you know what?

The tree has given me just as much joy (maybe more) in it’s minimally decorated state, as it would have fully decked out. So I guess what I’m trying to say is… go EASY on yourself this Christmas. Don’t try to do it all, or be it all. Just be you. Be present for those around you. Be focused on what this season is really about. This will bring a lot more joy than having the perfectly decorated house or table spread. Merry Christmas to all.


- A.W.