Feels Like Home

My husband gets a good chuckle from all of my feelings. I don’t just want a piece of chocolate … I feel like a piece of chocolate. I don’t just want to cuddle … I feel like cuddling. I don’t just need a shower … I feel like a shower. I’ve got a feeling for everything!

My sister sent me an article on Hyper Sensitive Persons (HSP) Disorder a while back with a caption that read something like “This is YOU!”. She wasn’t kidding. I read the article out loud to myself and Kyle, and it was like reading a psychological brief on ME!

So you imagine all the feels I was getting while Kyle and I were house hunting these past 2 and half months. In general, us women tend to feel a strong emotional connection to the idea of ‘home’; and, well given what I do for a living AND the fact that I feel a strong emotional connection to pretty well everything, I was somewhat of an emotional train wreck!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I did cross over into irrational territory! Case in point, Kyle and I were watching the movie musical “La La Land” a few weeks ago; and, when it came to the scene where Emma Stone’s character Mia starts crying because she’s tired of chasing after her dream job, I started crying too. Full out bawling actually. Between sobs, I managed to spit out something to the effect of “I try to create dream homes for all of my clients … and I can’t even afford a house!” It’s humorous now, looking back, but in the moment I was completely serious. I felt like we would never be able to afford a home of any sort, let alone one that felt like home.

But we did find a home - like most other folk do - because eventually the right one comes along! House hunting is much like looking for love - it seems hopeless and a lost cause for a while; but, then you stumble upon something or someone unique and it’s the perfect fit. It’s as if they were waiting there for you all this time.

The picture above is a snapshot of our new little home! You maybe wouldn’t look twice at the outside, but hey, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!

- A.W.

PS. I’d love to hear all about your house hunting adventures! Tell me I am not the only one to end up in tears! LOL.